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We’re not estate agents, and we’re not affiliated to any agents. We’re normal homeowners, like you who, after bewildering, complicated and expensive experiences, decided that there had to be a better way of finding the right agent to sell or let our property.

The confusion of inconsistencies, agents offering various rates based on their perception of the vendor, as well as wildly differing fees for marketing the same property all just added to the stress of moving home, before the process had even really begun. Going from agent to agent, having the same conversations over and over again whilst trying to cut through the sales pitch to get to the nitty gritty was exhausting; it took a long time before we actually received an offer and a meaningful figure for comparison.

And that’s how RightAgent was conceived!

RightAgent facilitates a quick, easy, efficient, open and honest approach. It’s completely transparent – all bids are submitted in writing so what you see is what you get. You can confidently find and choose the right agent for you...

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