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What is RightAgent?

In a nutshell, RightAgent is about putting property owners
or landlords in touch with the right estate agent for them.

Your free, interactive account allows you to anonymously approach our database of agents (including high street and online), receive personalised bids, then collate and compare every aspect including fees, services and experience.

Agents can choose whether they submit a bid so, if they do, you know they’re genuinely interested in representing you. You’ll get their best offer first time, with no need for negotiation or sitting through a lengthy sales pitch. All bids will go straight to your RightAgent account, where they’ll be clearly displayed together so you can make an informed decision on your own terms.

If an offer of representation sparks your interest, then – and only then – will you share your contact details with the agent (including full property postcode at this point) to arrange a valuation. However, there’s no commitment and no obligation.

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