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RightAgent Careers

Low cost franchisee businesses available, right across the UK

If you want to change you life forever, see below.

Are you looking for a new career?
Perhaps you are looking for a great way to launch your own business?

Working with a RightAgent franchise territory gives you the freedom to forge your own destiny, create your own working environment and enables you to create a growing monthly income that could change your life.

As territory franchisee, a local property expert, you will need dedication, a savvy mind and a great work ethic. You will be a people person, a networker and an opportunity embracer.

• Can you tempt people to try something new?
• Can you develop and maintain ongoing relationships?
• Can you balance the busy world of client management with new business generation?

Then we'd love to hear from you!

Becoming a RightAgent Franchisee gives you the opportunity to help people save money and educate home owners by letting them know there are more people who can help them sell their homes than they think. Everyday will be different; you really are in charge of your own destiny. One day you could be breakfasting at a networking group with business owners of all types, the next you could be talking to someone in the shop and giving them the inside track as to how they could get a better deal on their Estate Agent Fees and after that you could be dropping in on new estate agent clients of yours and helping them to set up the RightAgent online dashboard.

Working as a RightAgent franchisee is a self employed opportunity where you really are your own boss. All you need is a smartphone and a computer, a switched on brain and you are good to go!

We have franchise territories available near you, all with low-affordable start up business costs. Fully supported by our head office team, you could be earning a growing, residual income, straight away! Franchisees on our standard package could be entrepreneurs with small businesses turning over £50k a year!

If you are interested in knowing more.

Just get in touch with us and be prepared to find out how you really could be on the road to a rewarding new career journey.

Potential property experts and business owners email us direct: