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Why Estate Agents are like snowflakes...

Why Are Estate Agents like snowflakes?
Well As many people know, every single snowflake is different. No two are the same, individual in style, shape, size...

Their types vary with the beauty they can spread, along with the damage they can cause!

Snowflakes can be wonderful and soft and full of wonder, joy and a pleasure to dissolve on your tongue or be hard, crystallized and icey and batter your skin, get in your boots and soak your clothes with a wet, freezing coating that gets stamped off at your door, then spread throughout your house....

Estate Agents, just like snowflakes are unique. Yes let's face it, they all pretty much do the same job but they vary in how they approach the task of selling your house. They vary in size, they vary in brand, the people that make up each Estate Agency make them unique, from negotiation and progression through to customer service, client support and how they deal not only with you, but people interested in buying your property.

Like snow, Estate Agents can be beautiful. They can spread joy, happiness and make the sales journey fun and easy.
However, they can also cause untold damage. From overvalued property, complacency and ego through to miscommunication,  half-baked advertising efforts and slushy brown aftercare.

Looking at snow is nice. A fresh covering of snow makes the world pretty. But when it's been trampled through, driven on and been hanging around a little too long... It's a pain.
Putting your house on the market can be a blizzard. The moment you mention it, the winds pick up and the emails, telephone calls, and unsolicited post batter your senses like swirling, biting wind.

Take this snow lesson and apply it to your local Property Professionals. They might look like they have been sprinkled with fresh powder, all pretty and be coating the streets around you with their boards and self-marketing prowess but take a closer look, underneath, are they spread too thinly and have they been trampled and slushed up so the last thing you can do with them is make a snowman!

RightAgent can be your snow plough.
We help you to cut through the bad snow and push it all to the side so, in a glance, you can tell who the 'Right Agent' for you is.
The best bit? You can do it from the comfort and warmth from your own sofa, with your feet and fingers cosy and warm whilst the rest of the world swirls on in the blizzard outside!

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Published Thu 1st March 2018 - Last updated Thu 1st March 2018

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