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Why do people use RightAgent?

Why do people use RightAgent?

We've been talking to some of the people who have used
Happily, one of the owners has a big smile and a fresh 'sold' board outside his family home.

"We used RightAgent to gauge who was out there. We'd been on the Market for 5 months.
We've been through 2 agents already.

We listed on the website so we could get an understanding of fees without having to sit through pitches.  This made us feel that we could make the decisions on our terms about who to contact rather than feel forced to make an appointment. We loved the anonymity, and the fact the agents were bidding on the house, not us as clients, made us feel empowered and in control. It was also great to see agents best offers from the outset rather than just the first rung in a potential negotiation. Everything was just easier to weigh up.

We chose who to contact not just by their fee expectations, but how they worded their online pitch. We'd developed an irritation and mistrust of the industry. The contact form we received was personal, honest and engaging. A real breath
After sitting with them, we realised our property had been overvalued and lazily listed. Armed with these new facts we changed agents, listed and sold, Happy Days!".

Published Wed 10th May 2017 - Last updated Mon 19th June 2017

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