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Receiving Feedback

Receiving Feedback...

Whether you’re selling or renting, you want everyone who looks around your property to be impressed and, more importantly, be interested.  Obviously, that’s not going to be the case and you’ll inevitably have viewers who’ll decide it’s not the property for them.  So, how can you take feedback without being offended?
Put your feelings aside
This is probably easier with a rental property that can be regarded as a business transaction than it is when you’re selling a house you’ve called your home, but either way you’ve got to detach yourself emotionally from the property.  Accept that not everyone is going to love it as much as you once did (and probably still do).  When people tell you it’s not right for them or, worse still, make comments or pull faces while they’re viewing, don’t let it get you down – you can’t please everyone.

Take notice of what’s being said
Once you can learn not to be upset by anything less than a glowing commendation, then listen to what information is being fed back.  Is it something that you can learn from? Is there a common theme that could be easily rectified?  Based on viewers’ thoughts your agent should be able to advise whether making some simple changes, such as replacing a carpet or putting some furniture in storage, could help with the way the property’s perceived. 

Try not to get frustrated
Sometimes, feedback will be really annoying such as “He loved it but she prefers a different one” (tantalisingly close, but nothing much you can do about it), or “There are too many stairs” (surely they knew it was a three storey property from the details?), or totally out of your control: “There are children living next door”.  Take deep breaths, and move on...

Leave it to your agent
Your estate agent should temper any particularly negative or derogatory feedback before passing it on, only giving you information that you can do something with.  You don’t need to hear that someone thinks the bathroom you’re so proud of looks ‘cheap and tacky’ (everyone’s taste is different) or the garden’s an ‘absolute state’ (because it’s not in full bloom in the middle of winter).  As they say, there’s ‘nowt as queer as folk’ and your agent will be used to dealing with weird and wonderful comments that you don’t necessarily need to hear.

If you’re receiving a lot of feedback that states the obvious, such as “we really wanted a fourth bedroom” (it’s a three bedroomed house) or “we’re after a detached property” (having just viewed your semi) then have a word with your agent about who they are sending round – there’s no point in an over-zealous agent booking viewings when the property’s totally wrong; it’s a waste of everyone’s time.

Put yourself in the viewer’s shoes
They probably don’t like giving feedback either, and sometimes it’s really hard to put your finger on exactly why a property’s not lighting your fire.  It may tick all the boxes on paper but just not feel right in the flesh (or the bricks and mortar, to be more accurate).  Viewers may offer vague feedback, fixate on a minor detail or come up with a strange excuse just so they’ve got something to say.  Whatever the feedback is, if you can’t use it then let it go.

Published Thu 18th May 2017 - Last updated Thu 18th May 2017

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