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Kerb Appeal

Lets talk about Kerb Appeal..

Not just for those viewing, but Kerb appeal across the board.

Kerb appeal is simply the appeal your house has at street level and how this rolls out across all sales particulars.

No matter how awesome your house is, with pretty much all property searches starting life online these days, kerb appeal needs to controlled from the moment that little red ‘Sell me’ Button is pushed!

So kerb appeal.

You want your house to get sold right?

So you have to make it appealing from the outset.

If someone does a drive by and it all looks a bit drab and unappealing, that drive by will continue to keep cruising.

Get out the front of your house, take a friend. Take a cup of tea and a deck chair and look at your house from the street. Try to be objective. What are people going to look at. What will they find instant fault with. What is going to turn them on and what is going to turn them off.

You need brownie points. You need viewers to look at your house and see good things. This means that any bad points that are seen get trumped by those all important brownie points!  It’s amazing what can be achieved in a couple of hours with a sweeping brush, some garden tools and a trip to the tip! If those viewing your house are going to find fault, don’t make them easy to fix things.

Control the kerb appeal. Make sure you tidy things up before the estate agent pops round to shoot the photographs. That front page hero shot is the one that is going to get click throughs from RightMove or buythishouse. when people are sitting in front of their phones, tablets and computers, you wan’t them to get a tickle of excitement at the photos of YOUR house.. You want them to click through from the search results into your property and discover it’s exactly what they are looking for.

A house on the market needs to be well maintained. It needs to have a constant commitment to it’s kerb appeal and its not just for the viewing pleasure, it’s practical too. If you turn up and view a house that looks uncared for and in need of TLC, the value is instantly questioned and that asking price is more achievable. You also don’t want people to arrive for a viewing and but a little uncertain about the ‘house in the photo not being the same as that in real life’.

Not every house can be a head turner. But make sure your house isn’t a turn off. You want people to want your house. You want to get those purchase juices flowing from the moment they pull up at the kerb outside. Buying a house is an emotional purchase. It should feel right and the emotional investment should start at the kerb.

Get that right and the house should sell itself! 

If it won;t sell itself and you need an agent, try a RightAgent agent search here:

Published Tue 20th November 2018 - Last updated Tue 20th November 2018

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