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Getting your house ready for sale, is Magnolia Really The Answer?

Busting Myths About Selling Your Home

We’ve all heard the property experts – if you’re selling your home you need to paint every room magnolia in order to secure a sale.  But is this strictly necessary?  Read our ‘myth busting’ tips to make sure you’re focusing your time, effort and money in the right areas.

  1. Magnificent magnolia makes the difference
    Painting your house top to toe in magnolia isn’t the key to a quick sale.  It’s true that calm, neutral tones make rooms look lighter and larger, and will appeal to more people’s taste, but before you rush off to the DIY store to buy their largest tin, think about whether you really need to.  The most important thing is that the style suits the property (are you selling a country cottage, a modern 4 bed detached or a city apartment?) and shows it off to its full potential.  While you want to rectify anything that’s overly busy, niche, outdated or dark and dingy, a splash of colour or a stylish feature wall won’t have buyers running away screaming.  The main thing is that the space looks light, bright and inviting and will appeal to your target market.

    2. Achieve a premium price with a new kitchen or bathroom
    A new kitchen or bathroom can be a large investment and you may not get back what you invest.  The replacement may not be to your buyer’s taste, or they may be thinking of extending or moving walls.  Could you spend a smaller amount on cosmetic improvements such as new tiles or grouting, replacement shower curtain and toilet seat, stylish accessories, kitchen cupboard doors or even new worktops?   This could save you a lot of time, effort and a great deal of money – yet still have the same impact.   Ask the agents for their thoughts when they value your property, and benefit from their expertise before you start spending.

    3. Sell in the spring
    Yes, we all have a ‘spring’ in our step when the weather improves and the days are longer, and your property may well look better when the daffs are out but, while the market notably picks up in the spring (and autumn), these aren’t the only times to achieve a sale.  People move for many reasons at all times of the year, from job relocations to family or financial reasons, and while seasons influence the property market to some degree, they’re not the be all and end all.  So, if you’re thinking of selling don’t feel you have to wait, or, if your situation dictates a move outside of the traditionally ‘buoyant’ times, don’t panic! 

    4.  Remove anything personal
    While a new build showhome won’t display any evidence of real people having lived there, most buyers won’t expect the same impersonal finish from a pre-loved property.  In fact, the odd family photo in a family home or a wedding photo in a first time buyer’s property can help them to envisage it as a warm and happy environment; somewhere they’d like to live.  There’s a level of balance to be achieved here – don’t overpower the place with your personal memories, collector’s memorabilia or posters of favourite footballers but, on the other hand, the odd holiday snap or smiling portrait on the wall can create a good vibe.

    5. You’ll recoup what you spend
    Sometimes you do have to spend a bit on your property before it goes on the market, and you won’t necessarily see these costs recouped directly in a higher offer price.  For example, if there are repairs to be done such as replacing broken roof tiles or fixing a leak, these should really be rectified to avoid problems further down the line, especially at survey stage.  Sorting out these kinds of structural or maintenance problems could help you to avoid the offer being reduced or worse, the buyer pulling out when they discover there are repairs to be done.



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Published Fri 18th October 2019 - Last updated Wed 10th May 2017

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