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Estate Agent Stereo types

Estate Agent stereotypes.

We all know the image: shiny shoes and flashy car with promises of the perfect studio apartment in an up-and-coming location, which translates as a bedsit in a dodgy neighbourhood. 
But is this estate agent stereotype justified, or an unfortunate misconception?
Before you write them all off as being image obsessed, fast talking charlatans after nothing more than a quick sale and a large commission, give them a second chance and you might just be surprised...
Image is Nothing, Knowledge is Everything
Any estate agent worth their salt will know that it’s not about the leather chair in the big office. The thing that will attract buyers or vendors is knowledge, coupled with a great reputation. They may be working with property but their business is primarily about people. We all want an agent we can trust – and we trust knowledge, reputation and approachability. Not stylish haircuts and sharp suits. That’s why, with RightAgent, you can choose the agents that interest you before you’ve even met them, with a written bid outlining everything from their costs and services to experience and local knowledge. No flannel.

Location, Location, Location
A good agent will know the local area well – including everything from road and rail links to school catchments. While the stereotypical agent may talk of an ‘up and coming area’ a good agent will be able to qualify this claim with evidence of increasing house prices, a growing local economy and investment in amenities.

Honesty is the Best Policy...

Estate Agents are well known for their ‘generous’ descriptions of properties (‘requires some modernisation’ could be read as ‘untouched since 1970’ or ‘cosy dining kitchen’ can be taken to mean ‘tiny kitchen with a table for two in the corner’) but remember, they’re commissioned by sellers and looking for buyers. They have to match one to another whilst satisfying the needs of both parties. Their job is to see, and sell, the potential and the positives in any property – it could be a dream home for someone. So, while descriptions may be ‘favourable’ they won’t be untrue.

The Sales Pitch
Similarly, if your agent is doing the viewings for your property, trust them to tell the buyers what they need to know and want to hear. They have the industry knowledge so they will know the area, the demographic, and what these particular buyers are likely to be looking for in a home. It may sound cringe-worthy to you (it’s probably best to be out), but trust them – they want this sale as much as you do. You can help out by providing your agent with as much information as possible about your property, including running costs, the property’s history, the date the boiler was replaced...anything that may interest a potential buyer.

What Do You Really Want?
If you’re buying, thoroughly brief the agent on what you’re looking for and they’ll know what properties they have available which tick your boxes within your budget. If it has to have a minimum of three bedrooms, then tell them. If a decent sized garden’s a game changer, let them know. It’s not in their interest to waste time sending you details of properties that won’t be of interest but, on the other hand, if they know what you’re looking for they can make sure you’re the first to know when something new hits the market.

So, yes, your agent may ‘dress things up a little’. Yes, you may hear a few clichés roll off their tongue. Yes, they may wear overly shiny shoes (you can’t really hold that against them) – but if you’re selling, they genuinely want to sell your home for you. And if you’re buying, they genuinely want to find you a property. Their interest is primarily financial, granted, but they’re not doing this purely out of the goodness of their hearts – who would?!? However, when you look past the stereotype and the commission, most agents are honest people who enjoy matching people to properties. Give them a second chance; you may well be pleasantly surprised.

Estate Agents really are the house selling heroes we need!

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Published Sun 12th August 2018 - Last updated Fri 12th May 2017

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