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Co-ownership. Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland Co-ownership Scheme – a practical way to get on the housing ladder

It is becoming increasing difficult for people to get on the housing ladder as increased property prices and increased deposits required make owning a home impossible for many. The Co-ownership housing scheme has been the answer for many people.
Since 1978 Co Ownership Housing Association has helped 27,000 people to get on the housing ladder.
Sean Caughey RightAgentNI is a big supporter of the scheme commented “The Scheme has helped many people get on the housing ladder and most have progressed to fully buy out the property completely and upsize when they needed to. A major change to the scheme has gone unnoticed but the scheme originally for first time buyers has been opened to second time buyers. This is a significant change especially for people with little equity in their homes looking for a change. I would suggest that people in this bracket might want to use RightagentNI to source the right Estate Agent and investigate how they may get their property on the market and moving within the property market using Co-ownership”
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Written by Sean Caughey. RightAgent Northern Ireland.

Published Fri 31st August 2018 - Last updated Mon 3rd September 2018

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