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B & Q or Next? Thats the question

Moving house can be a stressful time. 

So we thought we'd give you a little treat to hopefully help de-stress!

It's simple, we're going to give away some vouchers of your choice. Either B & Q or Next.
These are the rules.
1. To enter, you have to book a property valuation via the RightAgent System. So only people who have followed the process can be in with a chance of winning. This means, you have to submit your details via the website, then choose an agent to visit you and offer you a valuation on your property. You are under no obligation to put your house on the market with that agent. You simply have to get a valuation booked with a trackable route throught the process as explained here:
2. This little competition is for properties in the DE postcodes. Sorry if you are out of area but we're staying local for this little prize draw.
3. The value of the Vouchers is for £50.00. You choose either Next or B&Q. There is no alternative prize and no cash alternative. It's vouchers or nothing. We have just one set of Voucher available at this time. Watch out for other prize draws.
4. The decision of RightAgent Limited is final. Names will be randomly drawn on or after the 1st September 2017. You have to have listed and clicked the 'contact me' option on the website before this date to qualify.
5. Just to reiterate, you are under no obligation to use the any agent who offers you a valuation to sell your house. You don't even have to decide to sell your house at this stage, you simply have to use the RightAgent system to book a property valuation visit.

Any questions, just ask!

Published Tue 1st August 2017 - Last updated Tue 1st August 2017

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